APMP Certification


Become APMP certified

APMP offers the world’s first, best and only industry-recognised certification programme for professionals working in a bid and proposal environment. APMP certification is the global standard for developing and demonstrating proposal management competency. Achieving APMP certification:

  • Demonstrates a personal commitment to a career and profession.
  • Improves business development capabilities
  • Creates a focus on best team practices
  • Gains the respect and credibility of peers, clients and organisational leaders and in some cases, additional compensation.
  • Reinforces business development / proposal management as an important role within an organisation and not as an ad-hoc function that anyone can perform.


How does it work?          

Challenge yourself to see which level of APMP certification you can achieve, based on your industry experience. Each level builds on the prior level, and everyone must start at Foundation before advancing to Practitioner and Professional.


APMP Certification Levels, Exam Types and Costs

Each level is assessed in a different way, requires a minimum level of experience and uses a process of examination and competency-based assessment, which is consistent and measured against world-wide best practice standards.

APMP certification is maintained by earning continuing education units (CEUs) every two years.