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Attention: Procurement Managers
New Style Conference to Offer Tips on Winning Tenders
October 2010: written by Elaine Porteous, SmartProcurement
If you feel despair and experience a sinking feeling of impending gloom when opening your eagerly awaited RFPs on due date, spare a thought for the bid team putting together the tender responses for you.  It is Friday afternoon at 4.30 pm and the bid closes at 10am on Monday. The supplier’s bid team is committed to delivering a quality product and struggling to compile and format all the necessary information and locate the various attachments needed to satisfy your requirements. You have just spoiled someone’s weekend.
The Art of Selling
October 2010: written by Colleen Jolly, PPF.APMP - The 24-hour Company

Common sense tells us that a picture is worth a thousand words. The dilemma then becomes choosing the right picture to represent the right words.
It is essential to capture your audience's attention immediately and continue to consistently (and professionally) elaborate on the viability and integrity of your solution.



Conference to Highlight Why New Business Bids Fail
September 2010: 5 Reasons Why Your Bid was Unsuccessful

‘Why new business bids fail’ – a topic close to the hearts of sales directors and bid teams everywhere – will come under the spotlight at a conference taking place in Johannesburg in October. 
Organised by the South African chapter of the international Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP), the conference line-up includes two overseas speakers as well as a slew of local experts.

Empowerment Wins Business: Aligning B-BBEE and Bid Best Practice
July 2010: B-BBEE and Bid Best Practice seminar

“Understanding B-BBEE regulations helps companies to win both government and corporate tenders,” says Sandy Pullinger, chairperson of the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) South Africa.

This is why the APMP has invited Andrew Bizzell, CEO of BEESA/BoxSmart to speak on this topic on Wednesday 25 August from 17h30 at M-IT’s offices in Bedfordview.

Want to work with the Government?   Know the rules and submit on time.
June 2010: Doing Business with Government

Tendering to government can be a minefield for the uninitiated bidder when submitting a formal proposal or bid. Different levels of government apply different rules and there are exceptions to those too. For example, did you know that special rules can apply for certain commodities such as IT goods and services, banking and consulting services? Smart Procurement’s Elaine Porteous provides a few guidelines to make tendering for Government business a little easier.

SA Proposal Managers Valued More than UK
May 2010: Salary Survey Results

More than 35% of proposal managers in South Africa feel that their company understands the value they contribute; much higher than 26% of proposal managers in the UK.This was one of the conclusions of the first ever proposal manager salary surveys in South Africa, conducted by proposal consultancy nFold on behalf of the APMP (Association of Proposal Management Professionals).

SA Chapter of APMP Launched
September 2009: SA Chapter of APMP Launched

The first ever South African AGM of the Association for Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) took place on 4 September 2009. It has begun a new and exciting chapter for the local proposal and tender industry. Sandy Pullinger, MD of nFold was elected first chairperson. “I am delighted to see our efforts come to fruition. We have been building the local community since 2006.”

Packing for Disneyland
June 2009: Feedback on APMP International Conference in Arizona

The 20th annual APMP conference took place in Arizona from 9-12 June 2009.  Having just returned from the conference, the Proposal Panda is planning to visit us in South Africa on 4 September for our first local annual general meeting. Apparently he eats shoots and leaves. Next year’s conference is in Disneyland. Sandy Pullinger had so much fun in Arizona, she plans to join the Panda for more of the same.

Proposal Writing as a Career Comes of Age
April 2009: Proposal Writing as a Career

Good proposal writing has always been a requisite for successful tenders but the job has fast become an art-form and the people with the skills are finding themselves in a very wanted position.